Julia met Sue, her prosthetist, way back in 2006. She was an experienced prosthetic wearer when
she came to Dynamics, she just wasn’t happy with how her prosthesis fit. She’s currently using an
elevated vacuum suspension system and an Ossur Rheo microprocessor knee to keep up with run-
ning a household and chasing after her 6 year old daughter. She’s shared her experience here: “I’ve
never found myself more comfortable and treated like family elsewhere, and believe me, I’ve been
through many prosthetists in private practices, as well as recognizable corporations. Other compa-
nies I’ve worked with would bill high costs, but never deliver a well fitting socket. At Dynamics, they
really care about me and have been there with me in my ups and downs. They’ve encouraged me to
stay active, attend running clinics, a triathlon, and even supported me throughout my pregnancy
and postpartum stages, where my body was constantly changing. They are always there making
sure all my needs were met, even if it meant getting out a golf game on a Sunday morning, thanks
Mr. Sean! As insurance coverage changes, their staff is well trained, friendly, and make sure to keep
me up to date, to keep me coming back to Dynamics. l have learned a lot. With their support, I be-
lieve that one shouldn’t have limits to the number of life goals one can accomplish independently or
just simply living daily life, caring and raising a family. Thank you for always being there for me. “