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Since 1990, Dynamics Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. has established itself as the premier orthotics and prosthetics company serving the Los Angeles area. For the past 25 years, Dynamics O&P has been dedicated to providing passionate patient care and high quality prosthetics, orthotics, medical equipment, and physical therapy.

Core Values


    We maintain our standard of excellence by investing in state of the art technology and continual education in the field.

    We pride ourselves in creating reliable and durable products, ensuring the best experiences for all our patients.

    Our sense of community sets us apart, we strive to foster a friendly & helpful atmosphere within our group.

    We aspire to continually provide superior quality of work and service to the patient and facility.
  • Empathy

    Our number one concern is patient’s satisfaction with the service and product provided.

    We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our business, and are trusted by our patients, clients and other professionals who we work with
  • David

    Dynamics is dedicated to giving new life to those who never thought walking was possible again. Our client David, the lead singer of the punk band Repeat Offenders, was able to get his life back with help from our staff and his new prosthetic leg. David was first referred to us after losing his legRead More


    Julia met Sue, her prosthetist, way back in 2006. She was an experienced prosthetic wearer when she came to Dynamics, she just wasn’t happy with how her prosthesis fit. She’s currently using an elevated vacuum suspension system and an Ossur Rheo microprocessor knee to keep up with run- ning a household and chasing after herRead More

  • Eddie

    When Eddie first came to us, he was still dealing with the trauma of losing his leg to an infection set on by diabetes. “First I was in shock, had to process… took some time, it wasn’t easy. There was nothing that I could do because the infection was in my blood stream and itRead More


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