Proper Shoes and Inserts for Diabetics

For our patients diagnosed with diabetes, we understand that having too much sugar or glucose levels in their blood can lead to a variety of serious and potentially long-term complications.  Leaving a situation uncontrolled can pose a risk to vital organs in the body, including the heart and surrounding blood vessels, nerves, teeth and gums, kidneys, eyes and feet.  The lower limbs carry a higher risk factor due to the blood flow required and the length at which it needs to travel through the veins. In this posting, we want to specifically look at nerve damage, foot ulcers and blisters, and the role that proper shoes and inserts can play in reducing those serious risk.  It’s our mission at Walk Again to provide our patients with the necessary information and support to help prevent the above complications that can occur with our diabetic patients.  Below we’ll address the first steps you can take to ensure that your feet are cared for properly. 

There are many important habits to develop for maintain healthy feet.  By washing your feet everyday with a mild soap, wearing socks made for diabetics and wearing shoes featuring an orthotic design, you’ll be on the right track to make significant strides in your health.  At Walk Again, we also recommend setting regular appointments with your orthotic and prosthetics doctor for a checkup on your feet. 

Look out for our next blog post, which will highlight more tips for healthy and happy feet.  

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