Dynamics Take A “UNYQ” Approach To Prosthetics

Our team at Dynamics Prosthetics & Orthotics is always in search of the latest products to make sure each client looks and feels comfortable in their own skin – and in their prosthetics! We are the first Los Angeles HUB to offer UNYQ prosthetic covers, a product that is changing the way we see prosthetics – literally. 3-D printing makes it possible to create nearly any design in various shapes and colors.


The selection of prosthetic covers that UNYQ offers is staggering. Whether the patient is interested in elegant, subtle, hip, or even something a little wild, there is a cover for everyone. This collection features stunning designs like the sleek Catwalk in black and silver or the Galaxy Gold Red, which looks more like a super hero suit than a prosthetic cover! We know the joy our patients feel when they finally feel like their prosthetic is a real part of them. Being able to embrace their own style with these covers is a priceless piece of the puzzle.


UNYQ’s Performance covers are a collection made of unpainted, 3-D printed polyamide. These covers are made strong to accompany any patient on his or her adventure through life with an artificial limb. Running, rock climbing, and biking are just a few of the activities a patient can enjoy while sporting one of these revolutionary prosthetic covers. Each UNYQ cover is, well, unique. We produce each one specifically to the measurements of each client. Combining fashion with performance, these covers bring style that is only matched by functionality.

Find UNYQ prosthetic covers available now through Dynamics!